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The new website for Asian-Pacific was opened
Shinano Kenshi Trading Co., Ltd. is the Southeast Asian sales subsidiary of Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. Shinano Kenshi Trading Co., Ltd. is an industrial leader for precision motors. Variety of products include both of standardized products and specialized products. Standardized products include Plexmotion products, such as hybrid stepping motors and driver/controller package, hybrid stepping motors with integrated driver/controller and gear box etc. Specialized products include brushless fan motors, servo motors and customized motor assemblies. Shinano Kenshi Trading Co., Ltd. develops new markets and new customers in ASEAN countries where their economic growth keeps fastest pace in the world. 

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Shinano Kenshi Opens Its Global Website

Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. (President: Motoaki Kaneko / Ueda City in Nagano Prefecture, Japan / Tel: +81-268-41-1800) has announced the opening of its website as a platform for information dissemination to the global market.

Shinano Kenshi website:


  • To disseminate Shinano Kenshi's corporate information to the global market.
  • To disseminate coherent messages from the Shinano Kenshi Group as a whole.
  • To enhance the recognition of the Shinano Kenshi brand worldwide.

We will strive to improve the content of this website on an ongoing basis to make Shinano Kenshi and its Group better understood and recognized by interested parties. We hope that you will be able to make good and effective use of this website.

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